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Full Line Liquids 60mL Cylinder, 2 Units Displays


Contains 4 of each;

Tri-Art Liquids
1899Alizarin Crimson (Hue) - Size: 60mLAvailableC$17.87C$71.48
471Arylide Yellow Deep - Size: 60mLAvailableC$20.78C$83.12
521Arylide Yellow Light - Size: 60mLAvailableC$17.87C$71.48
527Arylide Yellow Medium - Size: 60mLAvailableC$17.87C$71.48
533Bismuth Yellow Deep - Size: 60mLAvailableC$36.63C$146.52
498Bismuth Yellow Light - Size: 60mLAvailableC$36.63C$146.52
495Bismuth Yellow Medium - Size: 60mLAvailableC$36.63C$146.52
2051Brilliant Purple - Size: 60mLAvailableC$17.87C$71.48
5495Burnt Crimson - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
510Burnt Sienna - Size: 60mLAvailableC$15.18C$60.72
558Burnt Umber - Size: 60mLAvailableC$15.18C$60.72
2165Cadmium Red Medium (Hue) - Size: 60mLAvailableC$20.78C$83.12
2179Cadmium Yellow Medium (Hue) - Size: 60mLAvailableC$17.87C$71.48
564Carbon Black - Size: 60mLAvailableC$15.18C$60.72
2193Cerulean Blue - Size: 60mLAvailableC$36.63C$146.52
2026Cerulean Blue (Hue) - Size: 60mLAvailableC$15.18C$60.72
570Chrome Oxide Green - Size: 60mLAvailableC$19.14C$76.56
576Cobalt Blue - Size: 60mLAvailableC$36.63C$146.52
1998Cobalt Blue (Hue) - Size: 60mLAvailableC$16.23C$64.92
2137Cobalt Green - Size: 60mLAvailableC$36.63C$146.52
2207Cobalt Teal - Size: 60mLAvailableC$36.63C$146.52
540Dioxazine Violet - Size: 60mLAvailableC$23.77C$95.08
5474Golden Green - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
5481Golden Orange - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
5488Golden Yellow - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
2094Graphite Grey - Size: 60mLAvailableC$17.87C$71.48
5467Green Gold - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
536Indian Yellow - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
552Interference Blue - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
2012Interference Gold - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
513Interference Green - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
2108Interference Orange - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
440Interference Red - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
5509Interference Turquoise - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
446Interference Violet - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
452Iridescent Bronze - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
417Iridescent Copper - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
1490Iridescent Gold Deep - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
423Iridescent Pale Gold - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
429Iridescent Pearl - Size: 60mLAvailableC$19.14C$76.56
476Iridescent Silver - Size: 60mLAvailableC$20.78C$83.12
2076Ivory Black - Size: 60mLAvailableC$15.18C$60.72
5258Liquid Mirror - Size: 60mLAvailableC$56.44C$225.76
1872Magenta Light - Size: 60mLAvailableC$17.87C$71.48
2039Manganese Blue (Hue) - Size: 60mLAvailableC$15.18C$60.72
494Mars Black - Size: 60mLAvailableC$15.18C$60.72
488Naphthol Orange - Size: 60mLAvailableC$20.78C$83.12
463Naphthol Red Light - Size: 60mLAvailableC$20.78C$83.12
459Naphthol Red Medium - Size: 60mLAvailableC$20.78C$83.12
465Naples Yellow (Hue) - Size: 60mLAvailableC$15.18C$60.72
2063Neutral Grey - Size: 60mLAvailableC$15.18C$60.72
599Nickel Azo Yellow - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
683Paynes Grey - Size: 60mLAvailableC$16.23C$64.92
689Permanent Crimson - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
695Permanent Green Light - Size: 60mLAvailableC$19.14C$76.56
1886Permanent Maroon - Size: 60mLAvailableC$20.78C$83.12
667Phthalo Blue Green Shade - Size: 60mLAvailableC$19.14C$76.56
666Phthalo Blue Red Shade - Size: 60mLAvailableC$19.14C$76.56
672Phthalo Green Blue Shade - Size: 60mLAvailableC$20.78C$83.12
5446Phthalo Green Yellow Shade - Size: 60mLAvailableC$20.78C$83.12
703Phthalo Turquoise - Size: 60mLAvailableC$19.14C$76.56
1984Phthalo Turquoise Light - Size: 60mLAvailableC$16.23C$64.92
726Primary Cyan - Size: 60mLAvailableC$16.23C$64.92
722Primary Magenta - Size: 60mLAvailableC$23.77C$95.08
738Primary Yellow - Size: 60mLAvailableC$16.23C$64.92
702Prussian Blue (Hue) - Size: 60mLAvailableC$19.14C$76.56
708Pyrrole Orange - Size: 60mLAvailableC$30.95C$123.80
714Pyrrole Red Light - Size: 60mLAvailableC$36.63C$146.52
720Pyrrole Red Medium - Size: 60mLAvailableC$36.63C$146.52
9081Quiller Violet - Size: 60mLAvailableC$23.77C$95.08
1858Quinacridone Magenta - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
602Quinacridone Red - Size: 60mLAvailableC$23.77C$95.08
598Quinacridone Scarlet - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
614Quinacridone Violet - Size: 60mLAvailableC$23.77C$95.08
606Raw Sienna - Size: 60mLAvailableC$15.18C$60.72
597Raw Umber - Size: 60mLAvailableC$15.18C$60.72
591Red Oxide - Size: 60mLAvailableC$15.18C$60.72
1844Red Oxide Tint - Size: 60mLAvailableC$15.18C$60.72
31120Rose Gold - Size: 60mLAvailableC$26.54C$106.16
608Sap Green - Size: 60mLAvailableC$19.14C$76.56
1970Sap Green Light - Size: 60mLAvailableC$20.78C$83.12
1942Sepia - Size: 60mLAvailableC$17.87C$71.48
644Titanium White - Size: 60mLAvailableC$15.18C$60.72
2122Transparent Brown - Size: 60mLAvailableC$23.77C$95.08
650Transparent Gold Oxide - Size: 60mLAvailableC$20.78C$83.12
5460Transparent Permanent Orange - Size: 60mLAvailableC$23.77C$95.08
1928Transparent Permanent Red Light - Size: 60mLAvailableC$23.77C$95.08
1914Transparent Pyrrole Red Medium - Size: 60mLAvailableC$23.77C$95.08
5453Transparent Red Oxide - Size: 60mLAvailableC$20.78C$83.12
656Transparent Yellow Oxide - Size: 60mLAvailableC$19.14C$76.56
621Ultramarine Blue Classic - Size: 60mLAvailableC$16.23C$64.92
5418Ultramarine Blue Modern - Size: 60mLAvailableC$16.23C$64.92
5432Ultramarine Violet B.S. - Size: 60mLAvailableC$17.87C$71.48
5439Ultramarine Violet R.S. - Size: 60mLAvailableC$17.87C$71.48
627Unbleached Titanium - Size: 60mLAvailableC$15.18C$60.72
5425Van Dyke Brown - Size: 60mLAvailableC$19.14C$76.56
1956Viridian (Hue) - Size: 60mLAvailableC$17.87C$71.48
2151Warm White - Size: 60mLAvailableC$15.18C$60.72
633Yellow Oxide - Size: 60mLAvailableC$15.18C$60.72
5411Zinc White - Size: 60mLAvailableC$15.18C$60.72
Total (400 items)