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Full Line High Viscosity 60mL Tube, 2 Units Displays


Tri-Art High Viscosity
1893Alizarin Crimson (Hue) - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$17.09C$51.27
803Arylide Yellow Deep - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$19.88C$59.64
855Arylide Yellow Light - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$17.09C$51.27
861Arylide Yellow Medium - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$17.09C$51.27
867Bismuth Yellow Deep - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$35.04C$105.12
830Bismuth Yellow Light - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$35.04C$105.12
848Bismuth Yellow Medium - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$35.04C$105.12
2045Brilliant Purple - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$17.09C$51.27
5380Burnt Crimson - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
842Burnt Sienna - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$14.52C$43.56
859Burnt Umber - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$14.52C$43.56
2249C.P. Cadmium Orange - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$35.04C$105.12
2221C.P. Cadmium Red Deep - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$35.04C$105.12
2214C.P. Cadmium Red Light - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$35.04C$105.12
2242C.P. Cadmium Red Medium - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$35.04C$105.12
2235C.P. Cadmium Yellow Deep - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$29.60C$88.80
2228C.P. Cadmium Yellow Light - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$29.60C$88.80
2256C.P. Cadmium Yellow Medium - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$29.60C$88.80
2158Cadmium Red Medium (Hue) - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$19.88C$59.64
2172Cadmium Yellow Medium (Hue) - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$17.09C$51.27
897Carbon Black - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$14.52C$43.56
2186Cerulean Blue - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$35.04C$105.12
2019Cerulean Blue (Hue) - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$14.52C$43.56
903Chrome Oxide Green - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$18.30C$54.90
909Cobalt Blue - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$35.04C$105.12
1991Cobalt Blue (Hue) - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$15.52C$46.56
2130Cobalt Green - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$35.04C$105.12
2200Cobalt Teal - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$35.04C$105.12
900Dioxazine Violet - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$22.74C$68.22
5356Golden Green - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
5364Golden Orange - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
5372Golden Yellow - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
2087Graphite Grey - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$17.09C$51.27
5348Green Gold - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
878Indian Yellow - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
884Interference Blue - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
2005Interference Gold - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
890Interference Green - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
2101Interference Orange - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
768Interference Red - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
5099Interference Turquoise - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
764Interference Violet - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
780Iridescent Bronze - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
744Iridescent Copper - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
1408Iridescent Gold Deep - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
750Iridescent Pale Gold - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
756Iridescent Pearl - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$18.30C$54.90
786Iridescent Silver - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$19.88C$59.64
2069Ivory Black - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$14.52C$43.56
5388Liquid Mirror - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$53.99C$161.97
1865Magenta Light - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$17.09C$51.27
2033Manganese Blue (Hue) - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$14.52C$43.56
810Mars Black - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$14.52C$43.56
822Naphthol Orange - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$19.88C$59.64
793Naphthol Red Light - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$19.88C$59.64
791Naphthol Red Medium - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$19.88C$59.64
797Naples Yellow (Hue) - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$14.52C$43.56
2057Neutral Grey - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$14.52C$43.56
936Nickel Azo Yellow - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
1023Paynes Grey - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$15.52C$46.56
1029Permanent Crimson - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
1035Permanent Green Light - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$18.30C$54.90
1879Permanent Maroon - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$19.88C$59.64
1009Phosphorescent - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$29.60C$88.80
1004Phthalo Blue Green Shade - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$18.30C$54.90
1010Phthalo Blue Red Shade - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$18.30C$54.90
1016Phthalo Green Blue Shade - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$19.88C$59.64
5300Phthalo Green Yellow Shade - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$19.88C$59.64
1065Phthalo Turquoise - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$18.30C$54.90
1977Phthalo Turquoise Light - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$15.52C$46.56
1084Primary Cyan - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$15.52C$46.56
1077Primary Magenta - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$22.74C$68.22
1083Primary Yellow - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$15.52C$46.56
1046Prussian Blue (Hue) - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$18.30C$54.90
1042Pyrrole Orange - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$29.60C$88.80
1058Pyrrole Red Light - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$35.04C$105.12
1017Pyrrole Red Medium - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$35.04C$105.12
4969Quiller Violet - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$22.74C$68.22
1851Quinacridone Magenta - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
942Quinacridone Red - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$22.74C$68.22
948Quinacridone Scarlet - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
954Quinacridone Violet - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$22.74C$68.22
918Raw Sienna - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$14.52C$43.56
914Raw Umber - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$14.52C$43.56
930Red Oxide - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$14.52C$43.56
1837Red Oxide Tint - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$14.52C$43.56
31111Rose Gold - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$25.39C$76.17
978Sap Green - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$18.30C$54.90
1963Sap Green Light - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$19.88C$59.64
1935Sepia - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$17.09C$51.27
984Titanium White - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$14.52C$43.56
2115Transparent Brown - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$22.74C$68.22
990Transparent Gold Oxide - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$19.88C$59.64
5284Transparent Permanent Orange - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$22.74C$68.22
1921Transparent Permanent Red Light - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$22.74C$68.22
1907Transparent Pyrrole Red Medium - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$22.74C$68.22
5292Transparent Red Oxide - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$19.88C$59.64
996Transparent Yellow Oxide - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$18.30C$54.90
959Ultramarine Blue Classic - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$15.52C$46.56
5340Ultramarine Blue Modern - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$15.52C$46.56
5308Ultramarine Violet B.S. - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$17.09C$51.27
5316Ultramarine Violet R.S. - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$17.09C$51.27
965Unbleached Titanium - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$14.52C$43.56
5332Van Dyke Brown - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$18.30C$54.90
1949Viridian (Hue) - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$17.09C$51.27
2144Warm White - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$14.52C$43.56
971Yellow Oxide - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$14.52C$43.56
5324Zinc Mixing White - Size: 60mL TubeAvailableC$14.52C$43.56
Total (324 items)