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Our Terms

1. Orders submitted must be of at least $200 total value. With an account opening order of at least $2,500.

2. Once an order has been received, an order confirmation will be sent and must be confirmed before work will begin. Orders are considered submitted the date that they are confirmed.

3. Orders are typically shipped anywhere from 2-6 weeks time, depending on the order volume and the manufacturing demands of the season, however these lead times are highly dependent on order volume.

4. Tri-Art will work hard with me to expedite products on orders if need be.

5. Tri-Art requires pre-payment on orders that is billed when the order has closed. A pre-authorized credit form can be filled out so that orders will not be delayed. Any extra terms for my account will have to be discussed with Tri-Art's billing department.

6. Art materials retailers must stock at least one product display from Tri-Art's professional quality lines listed in the dropdown menu.

7. Product displays supplied to me are free of charge, but considered owned by Tri-Art Mfg. and any alterations must be approved by Tri-Art beforehand.