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Our Terms

a. Orders submitted must be of at least CAD$200 total value. With an opening order of at least CAD$2,500 total. At least one full professional product line display must be stocked by Tri-Art dealers. This includes Tri-Art Watercolours, Tri-Art Oils, Tri-Art High Viscosity, Tri-Art Liquids, Tri-Art Low Viscosity. Product displays are supplied free of charge but are the property of Tri-Art Mfg. and any alterations vendors wish to make must be approved by Tri-Art Mfg. beforehand.

b. Orders must be submitted either through Tri-Art Mfg.’s online ordering platform at, or for international accounts that are not paying in CAD, by spreadsheet in either .xlsx, .csv, or .ods file formats - spreadsheets should contain only product IDs, and desired quantities in their distinctive columns.

c. Once an order has been placed, an order confirmation will be sent by Tri-Art Mfg.’s team and must be confirmed before work will begin, please review every order confirmation for mistakes that may have occurred during the importing process of your order into our system. Orders are considered submitted the date that they are confirmed. If no order confirmation has been sent, consider your order unreceived by Tri-Art Mfg. and resubmit your order at your earliest convenience.

d. If a vendor wishes to make an addition of product to their recently confirmed purchase order, additions will only be accepted up to two days after the initial order was confirmed. Otherwise, vendors will have to submit a new purchase order with the CAD$200 minimum requirement.

e. Orders are typically shipped anywhere from 6-8 weeks time but could exceed this time period depending on the order volume and the manufacturing demands of the season. Tri-Art Mfg. stocks a small inventory of completed product, but most product is manufactured to order. Tri-Art Mfg. holds onto backorders.

f. Tri-Art Mfg. can and will work hard to expedite products if need be. Please notify our team if product is required by specific dates, but there is no guarantee that perfect fulfillment can be made in the time period that you require it.

g. Tri-Art Mfg. requires pre-payment on orders that is billed when the order has closed. A pre-authorized credit form can be filled out so that orders will not be delayed. Any extra terms for the vendor account will have to be discussed with Tri-Art Mfg.

h. Tri-Art Mfg. may request a deposit of up to 50% of the value of the order to be made invoiced for newly placed orders, depending on the status of the vendor account. This may be requested due to any of the following factors, the vendor account; is international, has no prior purchase history with Tri-Art Mfg., has submitted an order exceeding CAD$50,000, has poor payment history, has a regular past of cancelling orders during its production.

i. If a vendor account wishes to cancel their order after a period of two weeks since the order was confirmed, a restocking fee of 15% of the value of the order submitted will be charged.

j. Tri-Art Mfg. reserves the right to make price changes at any time and the prices listed on Tri-Art Mfg.’s online ordering platform should not be considered final, rather the final pricing will be listed on your order confirmation. It is highly unlikely that any pricing changes occur without a prior minimum of 30 days notice.

k. Tri-Art Mfg. reserves the right to request that vendor advertised prices be changed if they are not representing current pricing.

l. Tri-Art Mfg. will consider regional brick & mortar exclusivity to protect its vendor accounts.

m. In the case of handling product returns from customers, Tri-Art Mfg.’s vendor accounts are to bare the responsibility of the product return. In the case that it is suspected to be a manufacturing defect or issue, Tri-Art Mfg. will investigate the product in which a problem occurred. Tri-Art Mfg. will require the batch code located on the bottom or backside of the product. If judged to be a defect or issue made by Tri-Art Mfg. a credit for the value of the product will be added onto your account, and a product recall may occur.

n. If a product recall occurs, Tri-Art Mfg. will pay for the shipping costs for all effected product to be returned to its facility. The vendor will be responsible for removing the effected product within a 3-month period from the date of the recall. If product is not returned in this time period, then Tri-Art Mfg. no longer bares the responsibility for the damaged product. In the event of a product recall an email will be sent to the vendor as notification to remove the damaged product.

o. On behalf of the vendor account Tri-Art Mfg. can organize freight shipments which may be subject to a recharge based on the shipping agreement with the vendor. International customers are responsible for organizing their own customs broker with which to clear their shipments.