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Specialty Acrylics


‚ÄčSLUDGE is an economical alternative to both a neutral ground and neutral colour. It can be used in the place of gesso when a muted base is desired. SLUDGE is semi-opaque and although grey in tone, can be used in small quantities as an opacifier or medium toned colour extender. The Thick SLUDGE has similar texture holding capabilities as our High Viscosity colours, while the Thin version is comparable to our Liquid line. There is a quantity of solid particulate in the paint, giving SLUDGE a light tooth that make it a suitable ground for mixed media applications. As this is paint made with 100% acrylic emulsion, it is comparable in character to other acrylics. Hence it is highly adhesive to a variety of surfaces, dries to a water resistant, semi-gloss finish and can be easily applied with painting tools.